Grapes are grown for wine, raisin making or consumed fresh.Kenya is yet to realize its full potential to commercial grape cultivation .

several counties in Rift valley, Nyanza, Eastern, Central and western parts stand a chance of doing grape farming.


Grape is successfully grown in areas that experience temperature that range from 15°C- 40°C. They require hot and dry climate for proper growth and fruiting under irrigation.

An annual rainfall of 900mm is ideal combined with irrigation.


Grapes are well adapted to several soil types but they prefer deep fertile soil with good drainage, low salinity and PH range of 6.5-7.5. Grapes are prone to waterlogging therefore the soil should have good water holding capacity.

Planting materials can be prepared from well rooted cutting or grafted seedlings.

Grafting increases grape vine lifespan, fruit yield, plant vigor and faat maturitytakes 1 year for new vines to begin bearing grapes. Plant your grape seedlings in an area that is free from obstacles such as trees and building . Observe a spacing of 3 metres from plant to plant and 2 metres from row to row. Use well decomposed goat manure and biofertilizers in your grape vines. Foliar sprays can also be used to supply micro nutrients. Your fertilization program should be guided by soil analysis results.


Irrigation can be done twice a week. Grapes require more water during berry growth and less water during fruit bud formation and when the fruits are ripening.

varieties available in kenya include:

Thompson seedless

Red glode

Autumn royal



Alexandria muscat


Training and pruning

Train and prun the vines for maximum production and yield.

Handle the vines gently when prunning to avoid damaging and injuring the young ones. Only two shoots should be allowed to grow from the main vine. Fruit setting takes place in the lateral branches.

Pest and diseases

Proper plant spray program should be followed to ensure your vines are free from pests and diseases.The major diseases affecting grapes are;

Powdery mildew

Downy mildew


Major pests include;


Mealy bugs

Leaf hoppers


Grapes will hardly ripen off the tree, so it is proper to harvest them only after ripening. Grape berries kept at room temperature can last a week without spoilage. Keep the fruits in punnets after harvesting.

We offer market for grapes to our farmers. Seedlings are available at 300ksh in our fruit tree nurseries.

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