papaya farming is one of the emerging lucrative agribusiness in Eastern Africa. With no extreme winter and summer conditions in the region, the venture doesn’t face many challenges like it is in Southern Africa countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa.

With well drained, fertile soils and adequate water supply, venturing in this crop can be rewarding.

Above all that, papaya farming is not always as easy as A,B,C… This calls for proper knowledge and awareness of the pests and diseases to be put in consideration. Their identification is a key factor to perfect diagnosis of the plant ailment.

Modern farmers are using Apps such as Plantix for pest and disease identification. This makes it easier for new farmers to diagnose, treat and cure their plants.

Below are some of pests and diseases which anyone interested in papaya farming need to be prepared for.


  1. Red spidermites
  2. mealybugs
  3. Aphids
  4. whiteflies
  5. cutwork


  1. Anthracnose
  2. powdery mildew
  3. papaya ringspot virus
  4. Phytophthora palmivora
  5. Black rot/ black spot disease

In our next articles, we will address each pest and disease showing pictures on how to identify them.Their prevention, treatment and curing will be explained.

As you purpose to read our next article, remember it’s better to prevent than to cure.



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