agronomic support

Agronomic support to farmers


Training on nursery  establishment and management


Grafting services and training to farmers

market linkagess

Linking farmers to markets for farm outputs


Sale of certified papaya seeds & seedlings

tropical trees

Propagation of tropical fruit tree seedlings

About us

Suppliers of certified papaya seeds and seedlings. Also in our catalogue include grafted pixie tangerine, Hass avocado, table and wine grapes, Anna and pink lady apples, grafted lime, lemon and mango rootstocks cashewnuts.

With about 5 years experience, we are farmers’ first choice for both papaya seeds and seedlings.

Our pride is providing quality products and services to all clients. This is an investment by a farmer for farmers.

Physical location

Our nurseries are located in
1. City Cabanas along Mombasa road
2. Machakos, Kwa Mwau market (before KALRO KATUMANI just after Mwania river)
3. Wote, Makueni.
Our offices are located in Kitengela, along Namanga road, next to St. Paul’s Hospital, where we offer agri-consultation services

The secret of success

  2. HCD and KEPHIS Certification
  3. Use of CERTIFIED and true to type planting and propagation materials
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Link of farmers to produce markets


Being the leading company in the Papaya fruit production value chain ranging from supply of planting materials to marketing of the farm produce.

core values

1) Transparency

2) Professionalism  

3) Ethics             

 4) Teamwork      

 5) Integrity          

 6) Reliability        

 7) Trust                            

Alex Kituku_C.E.O Stawi Seeds Ltd

Alex Kituku- Director


1) Provision of quality and true to type fruit tree seedlings

2) Giving agronomic support clients leading to profitable fruit farming,

3) Helping farmers access good market for their farm produce

4) Creation of employment

5) Eradication of poverty and food insecurity

6) Planting more trees and help fighting climate change

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Our Team

We have a versatile and experienced team of professionals across the board

Conceptor Achieng


Muthama Mutuku

Makueni Attendant

Moses Barasa

City Cabanas Attendant

Caroline Mueni

Machakos Attendantnt

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