Male plants in a papaya orchard can be the most disappointing situation to witness.

planting seeds extracted from either an indigenous or hybrid fruit will give a farmer almost 50% male plants.

Seedlings raised from the above seeds can easily take a farmer to losses.

  1. Indigenous papaya varieties are more disease and drought resistant but note this: the fruits have a very short shelf life which gives them less preference by fruit buyers. They will fetch a third price compared to hybrid ones.
  2. Indigenous seeds will give you more than 70% male plants. Imagine raising plants for almost 4 months and realize you will only benefit from less half the population.
  3. Seeds from hybrid fruits will give you over 30% male plants. The female plants will lose the hybrid vigour. Characteristics such as plant maturity and height will be uneven. Some plants will be taller and others extremely dwarf. Flower and fruit abortion will be increased and mark you, this will be uncontrollable.
  4. pest and disease, drought resistance for second generation plants is so much reduced.
  5. lifespan for the second generation plants is reduced to UpTo 1 year compared to 3 years first generation seeds will remain productive.
  6. second generation fruits don’t attain high brix levels, the flesh color is never uniform. Might be in between yellow and pink fleshed. Fruits are found to be less sweet with reduced shelf life.

For successful papaya farming, make sure you establish your orchard from certified seeds and seedlings. Some of the certified papaya seeds in the Kenyan market include calina papaya (Ipb9), malkia F1, vega f1, red royale f1, sinta f1 and many others.

Stawi seeds ltd helps farmers to access certified papaya seeds (calina papaya) and for several other seedlings varieties from reputable seed companies.

we give agronomic support to farmers and link them to potential papaya fruit market.

This makes us the best partner in papaya farming.

Engage us today for a productive and profitable farming.

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