This is a common disease during wet weather or on irrigated plants. It affects all stages of the plants but worse on plants aged between 1-6 months.

This fungal infection is caused by Phytophthora infection. It causes roots to rot while the upper part of the plant remains healthy. It is later characterised by rapid plant fall while still the leaves are intact.

sometimes the plants can witness leaf, flower and fruit fall at late stages of infection.


On irrigated plants, don’t allow water to accumulate at the stem base. Increased stem-water contact increases the chances of infection.

Irrigation need to be done on regular intervals and in adequate quantities (two-three times a week; 20 litres per plant each day) to discourage fungal growth.

Avoid planting papaya in waterlogged soils.


A mixture of Azoxystrobin,Difenoconazole and Hexaconazole is known to be the best cure for root rot. Example is ABSOLUTE fungicide which has 200 g/L + 150 g/L + 25 g/L of the above ingredients respectively.

Green copper e.g ISACOP can be drenched in the root zone as a way of treatment.

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