Malkia f1 is one of the best performing and well known hybrid papaya variety in East Africa. The seeds are imported from a Taiwan company called known you.

Malkia f1 is the same as Red lady f1 common in India but given a swahili name meaning Queen to suit the East African Market.

The seeds comes in different packages ranging from a pack of 25 seeds to 5g. The seed rate ( number of seeds in a gram) is 60-65 seeds and has a good germination of over 90%.

Malkia f1 is a dwarf variety which matures 8 months after transplanting. It can give you upto 100 fruits in a year which have a pink-orange flesh.

It has big sized fruits which have both round and oblong but pointed fruits. The oldest fruits can weigh upto 5kgs if well fed. The fruit size can be regulated by not adding alot of manure and fertilizer to the plant. To get a medium sized fruits [more marketable than the big sized] mix top soil heaped during digging up the holes with a half bucket of manure.

Note: Alot of manure and fertilizers will lead to reduced brix(sugar) levels on papaya. Application of Murate of potash(MOP) and potassium rich foliar feeds such as Multi-K by Amiran every month at the onset of flowering upto when harvesting starts will help improve the fruit taste.

This variety is resistant to most of the diseases and pests and responds well to agrochemicals when applied and also recovers quickly after treatment incase of infestation.

It has less tolerance to drought. The trees will easily drop leaves and stems rot when left for long without irrigation and will hardly recover even after rainfall.

Malkia f1 has a lifespan of 3 years with active production.

Certified seeds and seedlings for malkia f1/Red lady F1 are available in our stores at an affordable price.

For more information on papaya farming kindly Reach us on +254 710 819 070.

Our nurseries are located in

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