Lime is one of the most consumed citrus fruits all over the world. It can be used for flavours in beverages, flavour in confectionary,baking and also used in juice processing. The fruit can also be consumed whole in some cases.

It’s rich in vitamin C which gives its sour taste.

Lime exist in several varieties which include key lime, Persian lime, makrut lime and dessert lime. Propagation can be done through seeds though maturity here is delayed to upto 4 years, cuttings, air layering and grafting on a lemon rootstock (this gives the most stable crop and quality production)

Plants from air layering, cuttings and grafting mature in within 1.5 years. Optimum production starts in 3 years.

Stawi seeds ltd help farmers to acquire planting materials and give the agronomic support in lime farming.

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seedless lime fruit

8 months old lime plant



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